Limited Edition

As runner-up of S.A. Got Talent 2010 Limited Edition Drum Corps, living in a disadvantage community namely Manenberg, we are initially a part of the Nurul Mubeen Children's Brigade ages ranging from 12-34 years old. Despite our living conditions, facing drugs, alcohol and bloodshed every-day, as a group of youngsters we decided to rise above the rest and make a dream come true. Manenberg, a gang-ridden township of Cape Town, feared by locals and notorious for its many social problems be it incidences of violence, drug abuse together with abject poverty. The area has become overcrowded and daily living conditions for many has become problematic due to the incidence of crime, gangsterism and social disturbances. It is important that our youth have accurate information about drugs and that they get this information at the right time, rather sooner than later. The fact that many young people in our communities are using drugs as part of their social and recreational lifestyle does not make this a safe or acceptable practice. It is only by collectively working to take the 'cool' factor out of drug use/taking, we belief we have hope of safeguarding the lives and health of young people. Our Ultimate aim of the project is to raise awareness and assist young people as living testimony; Young people to make safe decisions around the use of alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drug use is often interlinked to other aspects of a young person’s life we would encourage them to “DO DRUMS NOT DRUGS’’ Isma-eel “aka Smiley” Williams (3 times SA Solo Drumming Champion) and Abduragmaan Sampson (SA Bass & Percussion Champion)