In addition to the Board of trustees, the Cape Town Carnival boasts an operational team that is responsible for the execution of the Carnival and its related events.

Jay Douwes

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Brad Baard

Creative Director

Chris Welham

Events/Logistic Manager

Heather Mac

Performance Director

Gillian Gregg

Costume Supervisor

Michael Bagapi

Costume Hire Co-ordinator

Ina Baard

Financial Manager

Sharnelle Hill

Office and Project Co-ordinator

Samantha Powell

Participation Manager

Angela MacPherson

Head of Floats and Sculpture

Angie Petersen

Community Facilitator

Leo Du Toit

Float Building Co-ordinator

Maria Von Egidy

Costume Producer

Nazeem Abdullah

Artworks Construction Manager

Tanya Tauber

Head of Make-up

Yolanda Mtshawu

Marketing Assistant