12 MARCH 2016

2016 THEME

The 2016 theme, #StreetLife, highlights how every member of our society has a street that they can call home within our eclectic hub of a city – a space where we can all come together and feel connected. This theme will include references to people of all vocations and passions including fire-fighters, street sweepers, municipal workers, school children, business people, sports and other leisure activities, nightlife and party-goers – a true representation of the Mother City’s diversity.

The Fan Walk is lined with bars, restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets. Dress comfortably in your “dancing shoes” as the Fan Walk is 2 km long and there will be many things to explore. You can support the local food and bar vendors along the parade route. Above all else, make sure you are wearing your own unique dazzling Cape Town Carnival mask – after all, the Cape Town Carnival is an invitation to create and participate! So gather your friends to collaborate, imagine, invent, create and design the most outrageous, wildest and wackiest outfits.

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The event will be held on the 12th of March 2016 on the Fan Walk of Greenpoint, Cape Town – an area which has become synonymous with BIG STREET CELEBRATIONS. The street, which is flanked by hotels, restaurants and bars, is only a stone’s throw from the popular V&A Waterfront.
There is a wide variety of exciting and entertaining things to do:
12 MARCH 2016
Event Schedule

Fan Walk

The Fan Walk transforms into a pedestrian walkway filled with food vendors, stalls and festive hospitality areas. Feast on local delicacies as you watch the colourful crowds go by.

Carnival Parade

The Carnival Parade kicks into motion for approximately 2.5 hours. Expect dazzling large-scale floats accompanied by over 2 000 elaborately costumed dancers, musicians and performers.

Street Party

Enjoy the incredible open air Cape Town Carnival Street Party!

Dress up & Participate

Dress comfortably in your “dancing shoes” as the Fan Walk is 2 km long and there will be many things to explore