Frequently Asked Questions

Are we going back to the old style of the carnival parade?

Yes! We are back to the classic street parade format, where the show moves through the city streets in a flowing spectacle. The Pre-Parade will start at The Fan Walk in Greenpoint at 6pm on the 18 March 2023.

How do we become part of the carnival as a community group?

See if any of our groups are in your community and request to join them. You could also start your own community group and look out for our call for participation in July/August of 2023. If you would like any additional information, please contact

What is a lead performer and what is their role?

“Leads” are performers who play lead roles in the performance pieces of the parade. They are individuals that are not part of a community group. The leads create the extra WOW factor by being dressed in beautiful, unique and often very over-the-top costumes and are either on the float or on the ground in the performance area (corridor).

Can I still audition for a lead performer role for 2023?

Unfortunately, not for the Afr’energy carnival. We usually put out an open call on our social media for participation in July/August when we ask participants to fill in an expression of interest and send in photographs. We then invite them in for an audition and then select from there. So, keep an eye out next year and apply!

Are lead performers available to be booked for functions or other events?

Yes, we invite anyone interested to send an enquiry or contact Franco Pascoe on 064 953 6140 or on 021 406 3592 or

How can I become a vendor?

You can email and we will send you the relevant information.

Do you want to join our Carnival family as a change maker?

There are so many ways in which you can get involved – such as brand association or CSI funding to help improve South Africa. Or supporting communities to offer youth opportunities for positive change. You can email for more information.