Cape Town Carnival Community Groups

Cape Town Carnival has many participants in its annual parade. This year sees the return of several of our groups who were not able to participate in 2022 due to Covid-19 restrictions. We are so excited to have them back along with many new groups!

We have over 1600 performers involved this year. They consist of the Community Groups and our Lead Performers:

AfriCan, Afro Groove, Afton School of Dance, Aphrodite Belly Dance Studio, Avondale Majorettes, Big Band Theory, Bulumko High School Traditional Dancers, Cape Whalers Field Band, Chinese Community, Curro Academy Sandown Majorettes, Eoan Crew, Gugulethu United We Stand, HHH Drummies, High Brass Band, HTC in collaboration with PPAA, Ilitha Ensemble, Imvelaphi Arts Movement, Intsha Dance Group, Ithemba Labantu Lutheran group, Ithongo Lethu, Iziqhaza, Jhoomkar, Kingdom Connected Campers – KCC, Kuyakhanya group, Lynne’s School of Modern Dance, Mali Drumming Group, Masiphumelele Creative Hub, Masizakhe Youth Art Project, Michelle Davids Dance Group, New World Dance Theatre, Ocean’s Riff Music, Portuguese Dance Society of Cape Town, Project Playground Langa, PSV Minstrels, Rainbow Academy, Steenberg High, Tenacity Movement, The BellaDonnas, Ubu Rasta, Uitsig Riel Dansers, URC Youth Brigade, Western Province Marching Band and Zandiles Dance Group…and the Fire Fighters, Cape Town Pride, URC Float Operators, and Portland Parade Management Group.


The #followyourheART initiative was part of our 2022 Reunited Carnival and was developed to help local community groups gain more recognition and exposure and give participants opportunities to perform. Encouraging people to follow their passion, showcase their art and be inspired by what makes them dance and sing, this initiative encourages you to #findyourgroove #findyourgroup, #followyourheART.

Browse our groups below and click on the image to watch them in action

On each group profile page you can watch a video and learn about the group’s unique skills and talents.
You can also support the groups by hiring them for your next event; film or photo shoot. 

Cape Whalers Field Band

Aphrodite Belly Dance Studio

Kuyakhanya Primary School

Western Province Marching Association

Rainbow Academy

Avondale Majorettes

iThemba Labantu

Bulumko High School/Mali Drumming Group

HHH Drummies

Portuguese Community

Eoan Crew

Uitsig Rieldansers

Masizakhe Youth Project

KCC (Kingdom Connect Campers)

Michelle Davids Dance Group

Heideveld Theatre Company


Breaking the curse