The Cape Town Carnival has for more than a decade been an occasion where people from different backgrounds come together to celebrate cultural diversity and creativity.    

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the last two years have been challenging for the events industry and the organisers of the Cape Town Carnival were understandably forced to cancel this exciting extravaganza.

It is thrilling that in 2022, we have the opportunity to reunite in the Mother City for a special edition of the Cape Town Carnival.

With five shows in five different hubs in the CBD, I am certain lovers of the Cape Town Carnival will be thoroughly entertained by the spectacle on offer.  In this format, an increased number of people can join the festivities.

Major events have long been an economic driver for our city. Having restrictions on large events has limited the ability to connect with each other, create that festive and vibrant feeling that comes with sharing space and the mutual enjoyment of live events.

We want to see the sector thriving again in full colour, song and life because Cape Town is the World’s Leading Festival and Events Destination for 2021.

Feeling proud to be in Cape Town is a feeling I want to cultivate more of – and this is one of the events which has the power to do that.

Every year the Cape Town Carnival provides opportunities for creative committees and organisations to showcase their talents in design, production logistics and teamwork.

As the City administration, we recognise the opportunities an event such as the Cape Town Carnival presents for many young people in the form of training, skills development and job creation.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The City of Cape Town wishes the organisers, participants and spectators a wonderful experience.


Geordin Hill-Lewis

Mayor: City of Cape Town