The theme for Cape Town Carnival 2015 is ELEMENTAL – Earth, Water, Fire and Air.  Each section of the parade will showcase an intriguing aspect of these unstoppable forces of nature.  What can you expect to see in ‘Earth’?

African Elephants are the world’s largest terrestrial animal, but their magnificence and enormity still does not protect them from the threat of poaching and habitat loss.

The Carnival’s 2015 Forest Elephant float, created from recycled materials, aims to raise awareness of the vulnerability of our biodiversity.  The float is comprised of a copse of trees, evoking the deep cool green of the forest. A canopy of leaves will reveal a life size elephant made up and out of leaves. The Elephant is the forest, the forest is the Elephant.  Puppeteers will man three tree puppets and create a spectacular moving tableau of an elephant walking through the forest.

Want to know more about the plight of the African Elephant? Find out more about the WWF African Elephant Programme here.