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The Cape Town Carnival is blessed to have some very committed corporate sponsors and Tsogo Sun have once again shown their support for Africa’s most glamorous Carnival by sponsoring a float in the 2015 procession.

The blazing light, warmth and energy of the sun is embodied in the warmth of African people – expressed through movement, dance and music and visually conveyed through warm colours, geometric shapes, light and radial patterns.

On Carnival night 14 March 2015, the iLanga – The African Sun will light up the Fan Walk in a blaze of vibrant orange, yellow and red.

Powerfully costumed lead performers in spectacular patterned headdresses and wide skirts will be accompanied by a high energy group of dancers in matching yellow, orange and red patterned costumes.

They make way for the symbol of the African sun itself: a 5m high and 4m wide Sun mandala pulsating with pattern, light and colour. The centre of the Sun will form a standing throne for a sparkling lead performer, celeb comedian and actor Siv Ngesi, with the rays of the sun appearing to radiate from his heart.

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iLanga – The African Sun is built on a 3-wheeled trolley style of float apparatus that allows for more mobility and movement than a standard 4-wheeled float chassis format.

Lighting built into the float is integral to its impact, animating in several rows of pattern from a glowing centre. Reflective highlights applied to the surface of the Sun add to the effect of shine and reflection from all available light. The overall effect of strong lighting with pattern, shape and size will make it clearly visible from far away as it approaches.