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Having won 3 SAFTAs for the 2015 documentary on the Cape Town Carnival the F.I.L.M. programme is proud to present the 2016 documentary Cape Town Carnival STREET LIFE for you to view!

Once a year, the magical Mother City hosts the truly epic Cape Town Carnival. This year’s event took place on the 12th of March and showcased an extraordinary array of dazzling dancers, fabulous floats, skateboarders, BMX riders, puppets, marching bands & gyrating gymnasts all performing within the trendy theme of `Street Lifeโ€™.

If you missed the actual Cape Town Carnival 2016 – Street Life event, the F.I.L.M. programme has produced the 26 minute documentary which was recently flighted on DSTV. Here is the URL to view our documentary on Kwaai City on YouTube:ย DONโ€™T MISS THE CAPE TOWN CARNIVAL -STREET LIFE – DOCUMENTARY!

2016 Cape Town Carnival Documentary